Snoop Dogg x Kate Upton x Bow Wow x Hot Pockets???

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I’m not really sure what to do with this one, so here it is, the highly unexpected new commercial/music video for Hot Pockets. Yes, the food. On one hand, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rap star slang some food in an unusual music video, but the production values in this one are off the charts. The video features Snoop Dogg, Kate Upton, Oliver Cooper (who?), Bow Wow, KevJumba (who?), along with an appearance from Larry King. No word yet on if Biz Markie was behind the “Just A Friend” chorus/song re-work or how many Hot Pockets Snoop got in return for this. While I’m sure lots of people are going to say ‘Snoop sold out, why did he do this, he doesn’t need that many’ and to those haters I say KATE UPTON YOU FUCKS. This video was obviously hilarious and ridiculous to make and it’s supposed to be a joke so let Snoop do his thing with one of the flyest chicks in the world. See for yourself below.



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