Some More Emily Ratajkowski Action For You

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Emily Ratajkowski has asserted that she wants to become a brand, and at the very least, she’s definitely on her way to becoming a household name with her uncompromisingly sexy photo shoots. The latest to drop is the work of LA’s own Tony Duran for Treats! magazine. The star has been featured a lot in the magazine which is basically a highly-stylized collection of nudes so check it out if you’re up for it. As for Duran, he’s a pretty big deal having shot some A-list stars like Natalie Portman and Halle Berry in addition to Ms. Ratajkowski. Anyway, at this point you’ve already scrolled down and look at the photo so I can write whatever I want here so yeah, boobs.

Emily-Ratajkowski-For-Treats-Magazine-Tony-Duran-2 Emily-Ratajkowski-For-Treats-Magazine-Tony-Duran-3 Emily-Ratajkowski-For-Treats-Magazine-Tony-Duran-4 Emily-Ratajkowski-For-Treats-Magazine-Tony-Duran-5 Emily-Ratajkowski-For-Treats-Magazine-Tony-Duran-6



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