Soul Assassins Fall/Holiday ’13 Collection

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The OG crew at Soul Assassins just dropped their latest collection for the Fall/Holiday ’13 season and a tight lookbook to match. The lookbook finds the gear in its natural element, lookin’ hard on the streets of Southern California. The new line includes a full range of tees, hoodies, crewnecks, headwear accessories and outerwear including a fitted hooded varsity jacket, and a windbreaker with that West Coast feel you’ve come to expect from the Soul Assassins crew. Check it out below and shop it over at their online shop.

Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-1 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-2 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-4 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-5 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-6 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-7 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-8 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-9 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-10 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-11 Soul-Assassins-Fall-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-12

If you missed it check out our behind-the-scenes feature on Soul Assassins, read the whole thing here.



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