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Sprayground Team With Chris Brown, Gearing Up To Drop The Invasion Collection

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The backpack innovators at Sprayground are gearing up to drop The Invasion Collection, their new line for Holiday 2013. The new line sees some of their already awesome bag styles updated and re-imagined for a whole new look. New style highlights (as told by Sprayground) include the “Daydream,” a backpack crafted specifically for the “nocturnal creative” (photographers, DJs, stylists) featuring lenticular material and intricate compartments. The “Glow” family builds on the galactic theme of previous seasons, while the “Tools Of The Rich” series sees “King Midas” sit beside the “New Money” design featuring the revised $100 bill in addition to “Big Ben,” a tribute to rapper Rick Ross and his luxe lifestyle. There’s “Baby J” (an artistic interpretation of legendary ball players Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as baby angels), “Leopard Bears” (a twist on the Polo bears as famous hip-hop artists), “Fck Yo Number” for the sports enthusiasts and finally “Spongebob Sharkpants,” a classic reinvented with Sprayground’s famous shark mouth.

The collection also features a big collaboration with Chris Brown and is Sprayground’s first official celebrity partnership. The collab is a three-style capsule of camouflage “Wing Bags” created by Chris and Sprayground founder David Ben David, combining both their creative passions and style influences.

David tells us, “Chris Brown’s general passion for the arts and challenging the norm is what sparked our collaboration and through our friendship, we’ve developed an incredible creative synergy. Teaming up with Chris and his Black Pyramid brand has been an enriching experience and our initial ‘Camouflage Wings’ set for Holiday 2013 symbolizes rising above.”

Check out some of the new lookbook below and stay tuned for more shots of this much-anticipated new collection which should hit stores in November!

Gammaxy Backpack and Duffle Lost In Space Sandflower x Gammaxy Son Of Odin



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