STAMPD Grenade Candles

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STAMPD LA are looking to light up your holidays in a different way this season with their latest release: a pair of grenade candles. Available in black and white color options (what else would you expect from the minimalists at STAMPD?), the candles have been designed and made in the USA and are pretty damn faithful to their explosive real-world counterparts. This means, you’re not going to want to travel with one as a gift for a friend unless you want your ass to get friendly with a pair of rubber gloves and a disgruntled TSA agent. Check them out below and grab either the black for $45 or the white one for $40 from STAMPD’s online shop.

Stampd-LA-Grenade-Candles-1 Stampd-LA-Grenade-Candles-2 Stampd-LA-Grenade-Candles-3 Stampd-LA-Grenade-Candles-4 Stampd-LA-Grenade-Candles-5



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