Steel Plant “Giant Stash” Pillowcase

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Do you love Sour Diesel? Do you wish you could rest your head gently on a giant bag of your favorite sativa every night? Well, the team at Steel Plant are looking to hook you up, with their “Giant Stash” pillowcase. First though, Steel Plant needs your help, through a kickstarter campaign, to raise capital to mass-produce these joints. The high definition digital-printed pillowcases feature a zipper opening at the top, along with a clever internal stash pocket to keep your gear safe and warm while you sleep. $35 gets you your very own so check it out below and head over to the Giant Stash Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

Steel-Plant-Giant-Stash-Pillow-Dopamine36-1 Steel-Plant-Giant-Stash-Pillow-Dopamine36-3 Steel-Plant-Giant-Stash-Pillow-Dopamine36-4



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