Stopping By LEEF & Co.’s DTSA Pop-Up Shop

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Last week, we brought you news of leather and accessory-makers LEEF & Co.’s upcoming pop-up shop in Downtown Santa Ana. So on Saturday, our team swung by the event to check it out and chop it up with the team. LEEF & Co. took over a storefront in DTSA’s East End to show off some of their upcoming winter releases and promote the local scene that has been growing steadily in this OC borough. LEEF’s founder Jordan was on-hand along with the rest of their hardworking crew to give us the scoop.

First off, let’s be clear: these guys are doing it themselves, by hand, with care and skill. These are not shitty faux-leather goods (sorry vegans) made in China, and then ‘customized’ here. The team at LEEF take raw hides, many of which they source in Los Angeles, cut them, sew them, and emboss them to make cool shit like lighter cases and lanyards. This is blood, sweat, and tears…and leather. Check out this massive hide they put their logo on and you’ll get an idea of the level of dedication we’re talking about here.



Anyway, as I was saying, LEEF had some of their upcoming winter drops on display including the aforementioned lighter cases and lanyards, along with some new pom beanies to keep you warm this season. The new lighter cases are top-notch with a buffalo plaid print embossed by hand right into the leather. They also have a super creamy rawhide version with the LEEF & Co. logo on it. The new lanyards are pretty trick too in dark brown and black leather with gold and silver rings to keep your keys and shit organized and separated.

LEEF-And-Co-Pop-Up-Shop-3 LEEF-And-Co-Pop-Up-Shop-2 LEEF-And-Co-Pop-Up-Shop-1


As I said, LEEF also had a new range of beanies on-hand to show off and featured them along with a gallery-style lookbook of the new gear modeled in-and-around the area.

LEEF-And-Co-Pop-Up-Shop-4 LEEF-And-Co-Pop-Up-Shop-5 LEEF-And-Co-Pop-Up-Shop-6


We weren’t able to stick around, but there was also a party for the event that night at 8 at the shop featuring performances by with performances by Alumni Music Group’s Sean Brown and AD and cocktails provided by the team at Lavish Vodka.

Jordan and the team at LEEF & Co. already have a great thing going, and they only started up in spring 2012! Jordan says along with the new winter drop, they’re working on a bunch of new gear and some dope collaborations for next year so stay tuned for more from this brand and be sure to check them out online!



(Part of the LEEF & Co. team with their massive full-hide logo)



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