The Brooklyn Circus Prepare To Unleash MOTO-VARSITY Jacket

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The Americana enthusiasts at The Brooklyn Circus have managed to combine two timeless jacket styles, the motorcycle jacket and the varsity jacket, into one stunning hybrid they’re calling the BKc MOTO-Varsity Jacket. The jacket combines a motorcycle-style body (meaning high collar, overlapping zip closure) done instead in wool, and set off with varsity-style leather sleeves, finished with ribbed cuffs. This beautiful mashup is textbook BKc using premium melton wool on the body and top-grade leather sleeves on the outside, and a quilted satin lining on the inside. It’s also made right here in the USA. The new jacket comes in two colorways: the ‘KNUCKLE-HEAD’ black on black combo, and the ‘CHARLIE-KNUCKLE’ that combines a black wool body with chocolate brown leather sleeves. This incredible piece drops Black Friday on the BKc’s online shop.

The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-1 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-2 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-3 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-4 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-5 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-6 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-7 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-8 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-10 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-11 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-12 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-13 The-BKc-Moto-Varsity-Jacket-14



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