The GZA Rapped A Lecture At The University Of Toronto

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Wu-Tang’s ‘genius’ the GZA stopped by the University Of Toronto (or UofT for the local homies) to deliver a lecture titled “Consciousness, Creativity and Music,” and even treated the class to a spoken-word rap about the origins of the universe and the Big Bang theory. All this and more are supposed to be featured on the GZA’s upcoming album next year “Dark Matter”.

Check out the video and read the full rap below (via Canada.com):

Before space and time thought produced a spec of light

It was infinitely hot, so extremely bright

Within the centre of this great shining

there was massive energy and it was expanding in great timing

Within this fireball was all of space

Of every special place for information it encased

Literally a beginning this cosmic clock was ticking

And allowed space to flow while it was spinning

Everything we see around us

The sun, the moon, the stars, the millions of worlds that astound us

The universe inside is hard to fathom

It was composed in a region small as a single atom

Less than one short width the size of a point of a pen

Microscopic but on a macro level within

Unfurling this swirling cloud of light

A star city, a galaxy with all its might

Within the blinking of an eye, expanding beyond comprehension

Within the fraction of a second, a new dimension

At a marble size, very unstable

In time it will come with a periodic table


Space, was expanding faster than light speed

It moving at the rate only thought cannot see

A picosecond after the big bang

Music of the spheres

Before the ears

The universe is now sang

Small enough to fit in your hand a nanosecond later

It was the size of Mars and becoming greater

A fraction of a second later, 80 times the size of Earth

Fastest growing infant since the time of birth

Still expanding but it didn’t contain matter

Just pure energy that was mixing within the batter


But mass and energy interchangeable

Convert those particles, rearrangeable

Matter and anti-matter (the arch rival)

Met, obliterated each other for survival

A warzone, a battle to the death

But as long as there is life and breath there is one remaining left



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