The Quiet Life Get Surreal With Harrington Capsule

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The LA crew at The Quiet Life have enlisted the talents of one of their hometown heroes for their latest capsule collection. Following their excellent Fall 2 drop, The Quiet Life have unveiled the “Mind Games” collection featuring prints and artwork designed by surreal cartoonist Steven Harrington. The collection is a cool departure from Quiet’s more traditional American sportswear vibe, using Harrington’s designs on pieces that are over-the-top and yet still clean. The range features button downs, camper hats, bucket hats, and tees featuring Harrington’s iconic designs in a couple of different colorways. Check it out below and shop the collection online at The Quiet Life when it drops tomorrow.

The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-2 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-3 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-4 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-5 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-6 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-7 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-8 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-9 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-10 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-11 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-12 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-13 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-14 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-15 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-16 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-17 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-18 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-19 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-20 The-Quiet-Life-Harrington-Capsule-21



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