The Quiet Life Grizzly Cliff Capsule

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Photography enthusiasts and streetwear brand The Quiet Life have just released the limited edition Grizzly Cliff capsule and a stunning lookbook to go with it. Named after the one-of-a-kind printed fabric designed by Alexander Henry, the Grizzly Cliff capsule is comprised of three made in USA headwear pieces including two five panels and a bucket hat. Because of the nature of the pattern, each piece is guaranteed to be unique with the pattern lining up differently. As with their previous releases, the lookbook was shot in California by (and featuring) Laura Austin and Jared Eberhardt. Check out the lookbook and pieces below and shop them over at The Quiet Life’s online shop.

The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-1 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-2 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-3 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-4 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-6 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-7 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-9 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-10 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-11 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-12 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-13 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-14 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-15 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-16 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-17 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-18 The-Quiet-Life-Grizzly-Cliff-Lookbook-19



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