The Quiet Life Spring ’14 “Rec Center” Lookbook

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Los Angeles-based The Quiet Life kick off their Spring 2014 run with the “Rec Center” lookbook for the season’s first drop. The Quiet Life continue to find the ideal balance between bold prints and colors and clean and classic cuts and the new drop again expands their increasingly impressive cut-and-sew range. Look for hand-drawn prints in addition to exotic peacock, galaxy, digital camo, and ikat designs to bring the flavor the everything from tees, crewnecks, pants, headwear, and more. Check out the lookbook below and stay tuned for the drop later this week.

The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-1 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-2 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-3 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-4 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-6 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-7 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-8 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-9 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-10 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-11 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-12 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-13 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-14 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-15 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-16 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-17 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-18 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-19 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-20 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-21 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-22 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-23 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-24 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-25 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-26 The-Quiet-Life-Spring-2014-27



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