The Secret Ingredients Of Dope Lookbooks

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In the #streetwear game, having a dope lookbook is pretty much more important than having dope gear. Ultimately, the gear is where you’ll make your money, but no one is going to give a fuck about your brand unless you have an epic lookbook. It can be endlessly frustrating to come up with a unique concept or create something that looks polished enough for Hypebeast to want to feature it. Since we’re in the business of featuring lookbooks on the daily, we thought we’d break down the most essential ingredients to creating a foolproof and fly lookbook. Prepare for some #knowledge y’all.


This is the most obvious and yet most essential element of many dope lookbooks. The key here is subtlety. Incorporating some honeys into your lookbook will definitely get you noticed, especially if you hire Alysha Nett or Shay Maria to model your gear. But, you have to make sure you’re still displaying your gear first and foremost and not just fulfilling your streetwear fantasies. Observe:

40s-And-Shorties-Fall-Holiday-13-Lookbook-1 43-718x478 Honour-Over-Glory-Lookbook-8 Honour-Over-Glory-Lookbook-17 Shay-maria-6 Hall-of-Fame-CLSC-Capsule-Collection-7


Stunning Backdrops

The next best thing to a half-naked model to grab your attention is the backdrop. Sure, you could put a white bed sheet on the wall, turn up the flash, and call it a day, but this is supposed to be aspirational homie. The bottom line is that you want to make it look like you shot at an exotic and remote location, not your parents’ basement. Can’t afford to fly to Machu Picchu? Find some old architecture, cool graffiti, or go shoot out in nature. Hint: trees are trees are trees. Palm trees look the same in the Bahamas as they do in Burbank.

Quiet-Life-Fall-2-Lookbook-16 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-7 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-2 DopeBoyMagic-Oct96-Lookbook-Trashhand-7


Smoke Bombs

Want to shoot in your backyard but need to hide the swing set? Boom, smoke bombs are the answer. Already shot your last four lookbooks in the alley behind your shop? Boom, smoke bomb and it’s a whole new world. Word of advice though: make sure you go somewhere discreet otherwise you could become a terror suspect.

Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-6 The-Hundreds-Winter-2013-1



Need to add a little more grit to your looks to really put the ‘street’ in ‘streetwear’? Get some models with tattoos and even your tamest designs can look badass. Bonus points if you can get chicks with tattoos.

Hall-of-Fame-CLSC-Capsule-Collection-1 Arabella-Drummond-3 Just-Hype-Autumn-Winter-Lookbook-6 I-Love-Ugly-November-Editorial-22



Same idea as tattoos. If you need some cool points and a fixie won’t cut it, you gotta get a motorcycle. A Ninja probably won’t cut it, you need something classic and timeless. Fuck, it doesn’t even have to run, as long as it can stand up.

BARBIE-X-KRIS-POR-Editorial-1 I-Love-Ugly-November-Editorial-18 DicE-x-Neighborhood-7 DicE-x-Neighborhood-11


Dope Photographers

Finally, if you’ve got the green then hit up a reputable photographer to shoot your lookbook. Just because you can shoot it yourself on your iPhone doesn’t mean you should. Trashhand has done some really dope books lately and is probably one of the most buzzed-about names in the game. Obviously Van Styles has a massive following and all the model connections you could ever need. Our homie Kris Por has some major pull too.

DopeBoyMagic-Oct96-Lookbook-Trashhand-12 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-8 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-7 BARBIE-X-KRIS-POR-Editorial-5


We hope this has been a fun and informative guide to putting together a dope lookbook. If you want to talk shit feel free to do so in the comments below. If you think your lookbook has what it takes then send it to us.



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