The Struggle Is Real: Givenchy Is Not Streetwear

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Here at Dopamine36, there’s a constant challenge to define ‘streetwear’ and where the limits of that market segment begin and end. We try to champion the hungry young brands doing it themselves, as well as feature some of the pillars of the industry. When it comes to high-fashion as streetwear though, we sometimes can’t help but laugh at the joints coming out of the big design houses at prices that surpass your monthly rent. Sure, fashion is supposed to be aspirational, and in the last year we’ve definitely seen streetwear aesthetics cross into the mainstream (i.e. everyone wearing Nike’s with EVERY outfit). But some things just defy logic. Like Givenchy. Oh yeah, Kanye and Jay Z rocked the shit out of the Rottweiler t-shirt when it came out a few years ago (at a cool retail price of $765), suddenly it became a must. Then, Givenchy blazed the trail of ridiculous prints at even more ridiculous prices. I guess we can thank them for paving the way for the sublimation print revolution we saw this year.

Anyway, nothing is a more flagrant example of this excess than their backpacks. Hypebeasts everywhere cream their selvedge denim over the latest ridiculous printed backpack from Givenchy, which cost $1125. As in over a thousand dollars. The materials are just basic ripstop nylon with some leather detailing. By comparison, Herschel‘s top-of-the-line model runs $120, which means you can get nine for the same price. Their comparable style, the Heritage Plus runs $74.99, which means you can get 15 for the price equivalent. You and all your friends could have backpacks for the same price! If you’re after edgy prints, Sprayground has you covered with all kinds of dope shit for $80 or less.

Next time you’ve got $1000 to spend, please don’t buy a Givenchy bag, you’ll just look like a douchebag and someday you’ll wonder where all your money went.

Givenchy-Flame-Print-Backpack-2 Givenchy-Flame-Print-Backpack-3 Givenchy-Floral-Print-Backpack-1 Givenchy-Floral-Print-Backpack-2 Givenchy-Printed-Camo-Backpack-1 Givenchy-Printed-Camo-Backpack-2


(Givency’s flame print, floral print, and camo/multi print bags, $1125)

Herschel-1 Herschel-2

(Herschel’s Heritage Plus Bag, $74.99)



(Sprayground’s Kings Arsenal Bag, $80)



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