Tianna Gregory For RKSTR Magazine By iheartgirls.com

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We’re always down to post Tianna Gregory, especially if there’s a good reason to, and today there’s two great reasons. First, today is Tianna’s birthday (happy birthday!), and second, iheartgirls.com just released this incredible photo set they shot with Ms. Gregory for Swiss magazine RKSTR. There’s not much else to say beyond these photos might make you hungry and wish that summer would hurry the fuck up. Check out Tianna Gregory below and see plenty more of her here.

Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-1 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-2 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-4 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-5 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-6 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-7 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-8 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-9 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-10 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-11 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-12 Tianna-Gregory-RCKSTR-I-Heart-Girls-13



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