Timeless Clothing Review

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We caught up with the team from Timeless awhile ago and after we were done chopping it up they asked for us to do a review of some of their gear. So we sat on it for a week and now we are ready to give our opinion on the clothing we did have from Timeless Brand

The Brand

The brand Timeless hails from los angeles and got a different feel than most of the other brands claiming LA. Instead of staying strictly to the LA streetwear code by creating only black and white clothing some of their pieces are have some bold color choices.

Although Timeless Brand was originally born in Los Angeles, our message remains universal. We create designs, influence ideas, and embrace lifestyles that won’t die or fade. We operate as cultivators of a new generation, the last of a dying breed, representing the purpose for which you bleed.

They create more than tees too, from headwear with 5 panels and beanies to accessories like die-cut metal pins of their fox logo, they are def doing things right in the streetwear game.

The Gear

When we got out box we were surprised immediately at the quality of the stuff, we get hit up by lots of small brands looking for some exposure but just simple due the quality of their clothes we just can’t help them. Timeless had tho really impressed us, not with just the quality shirts but the printing on the garments are top notch, Featuring 4 color processes instead of just a single imprint, the shirts didn’t end up looking cheap or rushed. There was two 5 panels they sent over with their branding square in the middle, one an interesting mix between a grey wool and a corduroy bill and was finished off with a brown leather strap and gold buckle (our favorite piece). The rest of the box featured some cool accessories with the dic-cut fox we mentioned earlier and the lighter branded with the timeless logo.

Featuring 4 color processes instead of just a single imprint, the shirts didn’t end up looking cheap or rushed.

Below is our favorite gear that Timeless has to offer.

black-hat carpe-diem grey-hat hearbreakers lighter-pin puer


The Verdict

If you don’t mind having color on your chest or your tees this new upcoming brand from LA is a nice addition to the ever growing streetwear scene here in Southern California. We dig the fact that there tees are simple with varying typography and color. Don’t get us wrong tho, who doesn’t like a white imprint on a black tee? We are just happy that some streetwear brands don’t mind trying things out they may or may not work and these cats def embody that idea. If you wanna rock the threads above visit their online store and cop your gear.


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