Timeless Thrills “Been Thrill” Spring ’14 Collection

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Earlier this week, we brought you a preview of Timeless Thrills‘ “Been Thrill” collection for Spring 2014. Moving past their second year on the grind, Timeless Thrills are pushing harder than ever to offer a range of gear that’s been produced and assembled entirely in their hometown Sacramento. For Spring 2014, Timeless Thrills honor their longtime fans with the “Been Thrill” collection, a new range of pieces including tees, fleece, snapbacks, and accessories including some dope socks and a webbing belt. The collection nods to the increasingly popular #BEENTRILL# movement while staying true to the brand’s own heritage with the red, white, and black color scheme and ‘Stay Timeless, Catch Thrills’ mantra. Furthering the commitment to the brand, founders Tyler and Jessica shot and modeled the lookbook themselves. Check out the new lookbook below and check out some of our favorite pieces (including an excellent curved-hem raglan) and shop them starting today over on the Timeless Thrills online shop.

Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-1 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-2 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-3 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-5 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-6 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-7 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-8 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-9 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-10 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-11 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-12 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-13 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-14 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-15 Timeless-Thrills-Spring-2014-Dopamine36-16



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