Top Ten Murderous Tees

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You know the saying ‘New year, new you’ and all that horseshit? Well the new year is here and you wanna set the tone for 2014. So, to help you stay mean muggin’, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most dark and murderous tees we could find. Check out these all-black offerings from some of our favorite brands like Bloodbath, 10.Deep, Born x Raised, Akomplice, DRMTM, Raised By Wolves, Black Scale, Hastamuerte, and IMKING. Spring is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep it dark and mysterious for the next few months.

1. Born X Raised The Town, $40.00

As we showed you earlier today, Los Angeles’ Born x Raised are some badass muthafuckas and this tee fits the bill. That classic Old English font makes everything look harder and it has 3M printed ink to set it all off at night. God Loves The Homies.

Born-X-Raised-The-Town-1 Born-X-Raised-The-Town-2


2. Hastamuerte Raider Legend, $19.95

Somehow, Raider Nation seems to span all of California, including here in SoCal, so what better way to rep the gridiron warriors than with this Legends joint from Orange County’s own Hastamuerte.



3. Bloodbath Hooligan Tee, $27.99

Bloodbath is one of favorite new brands, plus they’re fellow SoCalers. They killed it with their Winter lookbook and with a name like Bloodbath, you know they had to make the list.

Bloodbath-Hooligan-1 Bloodbath-Hooligan-2


4. 10.Deep Street Grime, $32.00

Cuz the boys in the hood are always hard, come talkin’ that trash and we’ll pull your card. Eazy E said it best, and this tee brings back that vibe.



5. DRMTM Ranks Tee, $44.00

After posting their Venom Project lookbook last week, we’ve pretty much been obsessed with their trippy Shabba-inspired joints like this tee. Who knew that Germany got down with Shabba?



6. Black Scale Winter League, $32.00

Black Scale are definitely on the front lines of murderous gear, the hardest part was narrowing down their selection. This one is clean and classic Black Scale, inverted ‘A’ and OG American Flag and all.



7. Raised By Wolves Flying Fuck Tee, $42.50

It’s no secret Raised By Wolves make boss gear, and that we’re fans. This tee also happens to have been designed by our homie Ben Jensen which makes it that much better. Can’t go wrong with a severed-hand middle finger.



8. IMKING Posted Tee, $26.00

‘Raw’ can mean different things to different people, but it makes us think about rolling papers and emcee skills. Whatever your interpretation, it’s a clean joint from our local homies at IMKING.



9. Akomplice Gradients Of Smoke, $28.00

Anyone who does a Dilla capsule with Joey Bada$$ is going to know a thing or too about dope clothing so obviously Akomplice had some great tees. What puts this one over the top is the UV ink that changes the smoke from grey when you’re inside to a swirling rainbow of color when you step into the sunlight.

Akomplice-UV-1 Akomplice-UV-2


10. Akomplice Michael Cina Collab Tee, $35.00

Get lost staring at the waves on this tee, part of a special collaborative capsule from Akomplice and artist Michael Cina.




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