Ucon 5-Panel Exclusive Release #2

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Ucon, a mens and women’s fashion label in Berlin, just dropped Part #2 of their exclusive 5-panels series. This collection’s focus is on cold-weather-ready materials like wool and corduroy designed to keep you warm and looking fly at the same time while the mercury drops. The new models include Bob, Richard, Leroy, Edward and Andrew in cool combinations like yellow wool and light blue denim, and a black and rust cord combo. Don’t miss classic tweed and herringbone patterns that keep shit regal. These 5-panels are super clean with stainless steel eyelets and a subtle woven patch on the crown. Check them out below and grab one of these for about $55 USD from the Ucon online store.

Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-1 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-2 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-4 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-5 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-6 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-7 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-11 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-12 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-13 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-14 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-15 Ucon-Holiday-2013-Capsule-16



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