Undefeated Holiday ’13 Collection

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The always fresh team at Undefeated are changing gears for their Holiday 2013 collection. After dropping some excellent military and varsity-inspired pieces for the two previous Fall drops, the Holiday collection has a decidedly more winter and sports feel. Capitalizing on the recent popularity of hockey gear in sportswear, Undefeated have produced a slick range of products inspired by the classic winter sport including tees, hats, and jerseys. While the first drop plays heavily on this, the lookbook shows a second range that features classic knits like sweaters and cardigans, likely to be released as a second drop in the coming weeks. Check it out below and shop the new collection over at Undefeated’s web shop.

Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-1 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-2 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-3 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-4 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-5 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-6 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-7 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-8 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-9 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-10 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-11 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-12 Undefeated-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-13



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