Us Versus Them Holiday ’13

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SoCal artist and streetwear collective Us Versus Them are back for the Holiday 2013 season with a clean new range of gear and a second lookbook. The new collection features the iconic brand’s artistic take on streetwear staples like hoodies, jackets, and headwear with standout pieces like the Long Distance Twill Jacket and the Static Stripe Flannel. Check out some shots below and scope out the whole range over at Us Versus Them’s online shop.

US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-1 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-2 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-3 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-4 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-5 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-6 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-7 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-8 US-Versus-Them-Holiday-2013-9



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