Van Styles Shoots Danielle K Sharp

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Danielle K Sharp is a stone cold fox. We featured her as a Dime Of The Day back in October and she appeared on our radar again when she starred in the Legalized Ladies spot with Shay Maria and Alysha Nett for Legalized Goods in December. Van Styles is the latest to capture this British beauty in a new photo series for his Visual Clothing empire. Check it out below and make sure to check out Van Styles’ site for plenty more eye candy.

Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-1 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-2 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-3 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-4 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-5 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-6 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-7 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-8 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-9 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-10 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-11 Danielle-K-Sharp-Van-Styles-12



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