VENUE Recap Pt.II: Best Of Cut-And-Sew

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In the second installation of our multi-part recap of this week’s VENUE Trade Show we’re giving you a look at some of the best brands we saw doing cut-and-sew at the show. Both new and veteran brands will tell you that cut-and-sew (aka custom clothing) is not an easy game to get into as you need both designs, and someone to bring them to life for you. Because of this, we have a lot of respect for those taking their game above just printed tees and embroidered hats. Take a look at some of our picks for best in show:

The GRO Project (Denver)

Earlier this month we featured The GRO Project’s trick Meridian shirt/jacket hybrid and since they were on hand at VENUE, we had to check it out in person. Not only was the jacket sick, but these guys have a wide new range they’re bringing out for 2014 and it’s all deadly. Talking with the team for a while I discovered that these guys really know their shit and they’ve applied that knowledge to their new collection. On top of some of the nicest selvedge denim I’ve ever seen, they’re inventing new styles like a raglan sleeve flannel with custom cuffs designed to be easier to roll up so they won’t get in the way while you work. Very impressive stuff so expect to see these guys a lot this year!

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-62 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-66 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-67 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-65


Halloway (San Jose)

Located a few booths down, San Jose’s Halloway had a full range of rad gear. On top of your basic essentials including tees, fleece, and hats, these guys brought some impressive jackets and shirting to the show. That said, even the basics were top-notch with some stunning art-inspired prints on the tees and clean embroidery on their hats and beanies.

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-47 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-49 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-50 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-48 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-46


FAZE (San Francisco)

This must have been the cut-and-sew row of booths because every brand was full of custom fire. San Fran’s FAZE had the best shirting at the show with a range of rad patterns and bright colors for Spring/Summer 2014. FAZE’s marketing/PR dude Johnny was decked out in one of the new highlights, a navy/white polka dotted long sleeve button-down with a contrasting red pocket and cuffs. The short sleeve pieces are going to be key for summer with seersucker and chambray options.

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-27 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-29 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-28Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-61


Generation Of Dreamers (Baltimore)

Meeting Cad from Generation Of Dreamers was one of my highlights of the show. She’s incredibly passionate about what she does and that passion really shines through in the gear. Cad is serious about quality so she hand cuts and sews all of the patches and details herself using premium materials like lambskin leather, premium cottons, and chenille patches. For Spring ’14 the Baltimore brand has some real tight varsity and satin jackets along with a solid headwear range to match. The shitty pictures I took with my iPhone don’t do this gear justice, so make sure to check them out.

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-10 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-12


The Life Apparel (Los Angeles)

Bone Thugs N’ Harmony member (and The Life founder) Krayzie Bone was rocking the booth showing off the brand’s impressive new line of cut-and-sew gear including a front pouch crewneck and a removable sleeve version, both laced in wild patterns.

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-59 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-60 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-58 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-57



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