Veritas Apparel Holiday ’13

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The team at Veritas Apparel have totally overhauled the brand in the last year, moving from New Orleans to Las Vegas, and even traveling to China for three weeks to set up a whole new production and distribution network. All that hustle has resulted in a strong new collection for Holiday 2013 full of custom cut-and-sew pieces that have been thoughtfully designed and carefully assembled. Veritas take their quality very seriously and it shows in the finished product. The albino python crewneck is absolutely wild, and Veritas are definitely on their own tip when it comes to exotic prints and fabrics. Check out the new lookbook below and shop the gear over at Veritas’ online shop.

Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-1 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-2 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-3 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-4 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-5 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-6 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-7 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-8 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-9 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-10 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-11 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-12 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-13 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-14 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-15 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-16 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-17 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-18 Veritas-Apparel-Holiday-2013-19



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