V/SUAL by Van Styles x The Hundreds

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If you haven’t heard of Van Styles yet, then I’m sorry because once you check out his website you will spend your whole weekend starting at his endless gorgeous photos of endless gorgeous dimes. Seriously though, Van has shot anyone and everyone dope and/or sexy in streetwear, modeling, and everything else. He’s also a regular contributor for The Hundreds which is why the two have teamed-up for an exclusive Black Friday capsule release. Check out this video and I’ll tell you more after…

Van Styles’ “Pillow Fight” video finally shows what really goes on at girls’ slumber parties.

Ahem, as I was saying, The Hundreds x V/SUAL by Van Styles collection combines The Hundreds’ and Van Styles’ mutual interests in photography, skate, and Los Angeles culture. The series of tees features some of Van’s great work on classic Hundreds gear, while the collab is rounded out by a decorative pillow that you’d actually be proud to put on your couch, and a 24-exposure disposable camera. The collection is an exclusive Black Friday release, and will be offered in limited quantities at select premium retailers nationwide.

The-Hundreds-x-Van-Styles-Visual-2 The-Hundreds-x-Van-Styles-Visual-3 The-Hundreds-x-Van-Styles-Visual-4 The-Hundreds-x-Van-Styles-Visual-5 The-Hundreds-x-Van-Styles-Visual-6



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